Day #156

March 9, 2014


Saw a great show today, Rex’s Exes, at Fremont Community Theatre. It was a very entertaining show, provided you didn’t take it too serious. With me was my wife and Alex, who just came home on Spring Break. A nice day out.


Day# 155

March 8, 2014


It finally happened. The cold I was trying so hard to avoid found me at last. So, for the first time this season, since the beginning of the blog, I’m turning to medicinal help. It doesn’t feel like it’s that bad. I’m hoping I’ll be able to beat it as quickly as possible.

Day #154

March 7, 2014


This wasn’t the photo I’d taken for today, but it was of my cat. He loves to lie by my side as I’m getting up, just to let me know how much better it is to sleep in. Unfortunately, the photo was messed up, (don’t know why). Instead, here’s my favorite pic of the cat. It was a selfie Albert took a couple of years ago, in front of Alex’s lights on her wall. “Look at the Stars. Look how they shine for you.” I ‘gimped’ it up to maximize the contrast, but not bad for a cat.

Day #153

March 6, 2014


On Day #148 I wrote about my broken 2nd metatarsal joint on my right foot. I thought I’d show what I must do every other day or so: I place a mirror on the floor and prop up a LED light next to the mirror to shine on the bottom of my foot. I then scrape at the callous with a rasp. As long as I stay on top of it, I can manage it and keep it from spreading. On March 2nd’s blog I thanked Kmart for my metatarsal. Honestly, it’s time to man-up to what really caused my malady: Me and my big belly.

Day #152

March 5, 2014


First United Church of Christ

Ash Wednesday begins the amazingly soulful journey through Lent that ends with an empty tomb and a promise fulfilled. Our simple church in our small town is exactly where I want to be.

Day #151

March 4, 2014


Will this Winter ever end?

It was a pretty evening as I looked out from the church parking lot during the dusk of the day. I wonder if I’ll ever appreciate the beauty of a crisp, cold Winter’s eve… Maybe in June.

Day #150

March 3, 2014


We could all use a little extra juice… My new job at Lakota has been putting some demands on my tablet, which I use to take notes during classes. This is a little portable energy source I can use to recharge the Nexus’ battery during the day. It is sort of old and, like me, has lost a little of its charge. Still, any little help is welcomed. The “#1” on it tells you I have two of them.